Dana Tanamachi. An amazing custom chalk letterer.


Dana Tanamachi is a graphic designer and custom chalk letterer living in Brooklyn. She creates large-scale chalk installations in New York City. She also applies her chalk lettering to a wide variety of uses for publications, packaging, and apparel. Dana’s work has been floating around the internet, be it ffffound, pinterest, or any of the many other design blogs. Every time I come across her work I’m blown away by the level of detail in each piece. Each one of her hand drawn type pieces should be considered works of art. She does not use any stencils or projectors, the mark of a true artist. What I have posted here is only a few of her amazing pieces. Check out her website to view more.

Is Archer’s Use on Target?

Archer has been on the market for more than a year now and its popularity is still growing. Its presence has been seen everywhere from Martha Stewart (its original designed and intended use) to Wells Fargo, MSN, Eward Jones, Neenah Paper and The White House. The font foundry that created it Hoefler & Frere-Jones is well known in the typography market for releasing popular designer fonts. I have been a long time fan of theirs and almost fell in love with Archer when I first saw it. With its round terminals, its gives a more playful feel to some traditional display types. In doing research I came across an article written by Lauren Adams on AIGA’s website, it was informative and honest. To view the article click here.

Adobe’s Unveils Creative Suite Five

Check out this video! It is amazing what the new PhotoshopCS5 will do. The enhancements in the new version will save time and make editing much more efficient, saving time for the actual design process.

The Graphic Design Exercise Book

This new release from authors, Carolyn Knight and Jessica Glaser is a hit in the design community. The Graphic Design Exercise Book aims to spark a designer’s creativity while at the same time teaching new skills. This book is a must have for any designer who loves to do personal projects, stay creative, or “when you have time” add to your portfolio.